Exclusive R

Sound Arte Exclusive R has unique Bended walls, which provide best acoustic performance, deep and tight bass tones and great dynamics.

It comes with 3 front plates – 3.0mm Natural, 3.5mm and 3.0mm Baltic Birch with Exotic Veneer woods.

The 3.0mm plates are more responsive and suitable for all kinds of playing styles, from flamenco to rock. They have high dynamics and could be played from very quiet to very loud.

The Natural front plate has no veneers and is softer and lighter to play. It gives a great control over the instrument.

The 3.00m plate with Exotic Veneers is thin, but in the same time harder than the Natural, very responsive and could be played very fast.

The 3.5mm front plate gives the opportunity to professionals, who know how to use their hands to produce a huge variety of different percussion sounds. It is also recommended to people who play their instruments harder and expect very loud sound. If you know how to play – this is the instrument for you!

The snare suspension could be Standard Upper or Horizontal Lower

The Reversed S-shape sound hole is designed to tighten the bass and strengthen the snare.

We are producing our own Bended Plywood from the best quality hand selected Baltic Birch. The Cajon is covered with Top quality high gloss mirror finish, which gives its amazing look. The Sound Arte Exclusive R is 100% hand-crafted in EU. 2 x 20 snare wires in combination with the Bended design provide crisp snare sounds and very powerful bass.

Key Specs:

  •  3.00 Natural, 3.5mm Hard or 3.0mm Super Sensitive Exotic Veneer woods front plate
  • Standard Upper or Horizontal Lower snare suspension
  •  Our exclusive Reversed S-shaped sound hole
  •  Best Selection of fine materials
  •  Exclusive handmade craftsmanship
  • Top quality finish
  • Dimensions: H: 500mm L: 300mm W: 300/360mm



Sides: 13mm Bended Top Quality Baltic Birch

Back: 6mm Top Quality Baltic Birch with Reversed S-shaped Sound Hole

Front Plate: 3.0 Natural, 3.5mm or 3.0mm Top Quality Baltic Birch with Italian Veneer Woods

Body Finish:

Sides: Hand Made High Gloss Lacquer

Front: Natural / Exotic Veneer with Satin Lacquer Finish

Back: Natural Birch Wood